Housing Leadership Day


Housing Leadership Day was October 14th!

Housing Leadership Day is San Mateo County's premier housing policy conference, bringing together elected officials, business leaders, community activists, and the nonprofit housing community to design, refine, and build the public support needed for the policies that will address the root cause of the affordable housing crisis. Because of the growing number of teachers and education professionals who are being forced to relocate from our region, we partnered with the school districts to help design short- and long-term solutions to create affordable housing options for faculty. Our conference was held in conjunction with the Breaking Ground on Workforce Housing: Opportunities for School Districts Conference.

Location: College of San Mateo, 1700 W Hillsdale Blvd- Building 10, San Mateo 

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Event Program

8:30- 11:00 am: Breakfast, Morning Plenary, and Networking

Welcome: Warren Slocum, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors

Plenary Speaker: Carolina Reid, Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley

Carolina Reid is an Assistant Professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning and the Faculty Research Advisor for the Terner Center for Housing Innovation. Carolina specializes in housing and community development, with a specific focus on access to credit, homeownership and wealth inequality. She has most recently published research on the impact of the foreclosure crisis on low-income and minority communities, the role of the Community Reinvestment Act during the subprime crisis, and the importance of anti-predatory lending laws for consumer protection.

11:00 am- 12:30 pm: Morning Workshops

Public land for affordable housing and quality jobs

San Mateo County needs more affordable housing units and middle-wage jobs. The development of underutilized and vacant public parcels offers a key opportunity to address the affordability crisis by maximizing investment in affordable housing and providing quality jobs to San Mateo County residents. This panel will examine the availability of public land near transit in the county and explore model practices that aim to prioritize affordable housing development and create quality jobs via the development of public parcels. Panelists: Abigail L. Thorne-Lyman, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART); Doug Johnson, Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC); Alex Lantsberg, Northern California Carpenters Regional Council. Moderator: Belen Seara, San Mateo County Union Community Alliance. Location: Classroom 10-193.

Getting to Yes: Increasing community support for housing

How do you practice community engagement in such a way that at-risk and low-income citizens have a seat at the table? When a housing project is proposed, there will be the usual citizens who will oppose it, for the reasons we hear over and over. Traffic, school increase, shadows, the list goes on. But there are thousands of people who might benefit from a project - particularly residents who may not be able to attend a public hearing. How do you mobilize people who are otherwise not politically engaged, and persuade them to publicly support a project? Join industry experts as they share their strategies from decades of community organizing and battling neighborhood opposition. Panelists: Frank Noto, GCA Strategies); Melissa Platte, Mental Health Association of San Mateo County; Doug Shoemaker, Mercy Housing; Mila Zelkha, Peninsula Forward. Moderator: Leora Tanjuatco, Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County (HLC). Location: Classroom 10-194

Land trusts and land banking strategies for San Mateo County

What are land banks and community land trusts, functionally and formally?  What are examples and functional equivalents here and in the Bay Area?  How are these models relevant to San Mateo County? This session will provide advocates with a basic introduction to land banks and community land trusts and a quick overview of existing practice for holding sites during pre-development and for long-term asset stewardship.  The goal is to inform and to spur thinking about the applicability of these models in the County to facilitate production and preservation. Panelists and Moderator to be announced. Location: Classroom 10-195

12:30- 2:00 pm- Lunch 

Presentation of HLC’s annual Housing Leadership Award: Senator Mark Leno, 11th District


2:00- 3:30 pm- Afternoon Workshops

Preserving affordability in a HOT market

No one would argue that the housing market in San Mateo County isn’t HOT! HOT! HOT! A robust economy, substantial job growth and the rapid expansion of commercial development in the County, is putting unprecedented pressure on the housing market causing displacement and increased homelessness. Building new affordable housing is one important strategy for filling the housing gap. Equally important is to develop strategies and resources to preserve existing housing that is affordable to individuals with low and very-low incomes. A multi-pronged approach that includes construction of new affordable housing, while preserving existing affordable housing is key to protecting current San Mateo County residents that are most likely to be impacted through the housing affordability crisis.This workshop will examine the market characteristics that have shaped the current crisis and will explore efforts by local government, nonprofit developers and advocacy groups to preserve unsubsidized housing that is naturally affordable and that is at risk of being lost if steps aren’t taken to make sure the housing stays affordable to residents who are most at risk of displacement and homelessness. Panelists: Jason Vargas, East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation; Felix AuYeung, MidPen Housing Corporation; Mardie Oakse, Hello Housing. Moderator: Rose Cade, San Mateo County Department of Housing; Ray Hodges, San Mateo County Department of Housing. Location: Classroom 10-194. 

Homes for All: Winning strategies for winning resources through Measure K on the November 8, 2016 ballot

San Mateo County’s residents are in desperate need of affordable homes. As the county struggles to house its teachers, service workers, hospital support staff, and many other employees, there is a tremendous need for more resources to build and preserve affordable homes. Over the past year, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors has convened the Jobs/Housing Gap Task Force comprised of local elected officials, business and nonprofit leaders and equity advocates. One of the key action items identified by the Task Force is to “pursue a revenue measure to provide additional funding for affordable housing.” As a result, the Board of Supervisors moved in July to place Measure K on the upcoming November 8 ballot. getting this measure passed requires conversations between neighbors, co-workers, and congregations. Come learn about Measure K and how you can effectively share your housing story to ensure that it gets passed! Panelists: Evelyn Stivers, Campaign Manager for YES on K!; Erica Walter, TBWB Strategies. Moderator: Sharon Cornu, Nonprofit Housing Association of Northern California (NPH). Location: Classroom 10-195.

3:30- 4:30 pm: Happy Hour Networking Reception


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